Mentoring Resources

Overview: The Idaho Diversity Network is featuring online mentoring resources with a focus on providing professional development for faculty and students on effective strategies for mentoring students from underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and related fields.

Topics: Topics will range from discussion on importance of establishing a culture of mentorship to understanding implicit bias and the science behind effective mentoring strategies. The online resources will include webinars on demand as well as live interactive sessions featuring Idaho students, staff and faculty. An online training series will allow us to not only share expertise from our local experts, but also participate in mentor training opportunities going on throughout the country through national mentoring efforts such as the Mentor Collective and the National Research Mentoring Network.

Upcoming Opportunities: New sessions will be posted soon, however, if you have ideas for a mentoring webinar or have a session that you would like to feature, please contact Sarah Penney, Idaho NSF EPSCoR Program Manager.

Webinars on Demand

Idaho Diversity Network – Keynote Presentations

IDN Mentoring Conference: Feb 8-9, 2017
Strategies for Student and Faculty Mentors

Dr. Valerie Purdie-Vaughns
Associate Professor, Dept of Psychology—Columbia University

For the past 50 years social psychologists have attempted to uncover how stereotypes, discrimination, and bias in our institutions undermines learning, development and achievement. Much of this research has culminated in a deep understanding of stereotype threat. In recent years, psychologists have turned to ask the question, “What can we do to inoculate students from stereotypes and bias so that they can thrive?” This talk will share what we have learned. Specifically, research tells us that focusing on what underrepresented students come to understand about the subtle messages of acceptance or rejection that schools convey can be a powerful leverage point for change. I will share a series of experiments and insights centering on lifting student motivation and achievement by targeting the messages mentors convey.

IDN Workshop: July 31, 2019
Supporting Native American Students in STEM: from Deficit to Strength

U of I Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Studies, Dr. Vanessa Anthony-Stevens, explores strategies that research institutions can take to best serve Native American students in STEM research fields through focus on nation building and institutional transformation.

New sessions will be posted as available, so please stay tuned!